About Me: Scott Chapman
Copywriter & sales conversion specialist

My name is Scott Chapman

I'm a copywriter based in the North East of England - not far from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

My skills:

Producing copy for websites, marketing and advertising which helps your product, service or business sound better than ever before.

My knowledge:

Proven copywriting methodologies developed over more than a century of commercial copywriting, combined with the most modern advancements in copywriting, sales psychology and English writing.

My experience:

Thousands of pieces of sales copy - from websites, to adverts, to sales letters - in well over 100 different industries for sole traders, SMEs and multinational corporations worldwide.

Some of the industries I've produced copy for include:

• Accountants
• Aerial installers
• Air conditioning installers
• Alarm/home security services
• Sleep improvement solutions

• Arboricultural services
• Auction websites
• Banner printers
• Bars, clubs and restaurants
• Beach tents and accessories

• Beauty salons
• Bookkeepers
• CV writers
• Canvas art printers
• Car/van leasing companies

• Clothing retailers and designers
• Conservatory fitters
• Construction companies
• Credit control providers
• Deed poll services

• Designer footwear retailers
• Driving test products
• Employment law services
• Energy brokers
• Engineering companies
• Equestrian suppliers
• Estate agents
• Fancy dress retailers
• Fashion retailers
• Fat loss programs

• Financial services
• First aid trainers
• Franchisers
• Graphic designers
• Grit bin suppliers

• Grooming services
• Gyms and health centres
• Health and safety consultants
• Health supplement retailers
• Heating engineers

• IT backup services
• IT software suppliers
• IT support companies
• Immigration services
• International insurance services

• Private investigation services
• Kitchen designers/retailers
• Landscape designers
• Leaflet delivery companies
• Legal solicitors
• Letting companies
• Machine manufacturers
• Magnetic therapy suppliers
• Maid cleaning services
• Marketing DVD workshops

• Marketing agencies
• Media services
• Office cleaners
• Online photography colleges
• Photographers

• Plumbers & electricians
• Printers
• Printing consultants
• Psychic services
• Rafting experience trips

• Recruitment consultants
• SEO companies
• Security services
• Solar panel installers
• Taxi companies

• Upholsterers
• Web hosting companies
• Website developers/designers
• Window blinds
• Work team building sessions


Your copywriter and sales conversion partner

I don't just write words which are a pleasure to read. With sales conversion and marketing knowledge, I aim to give you copy which draws in sales and makes your products or services sound as appealing as possible to your target audience to make selling easier.

I won't just give you the copy and leave you to it. I'll work with you to understand your products/services, your business and your target audience. I'll then produce the copy, refine it, polish it and offer all the guidance you need to use it to its full potential.

Who uses me?

• Adverts, website copy, sales letters, E-mails, advert dialogue, blurbs and more

• For sole traders and limited companies to international blue chip organisations

• In the UK, Europe, America and around the world

Clients come to me who are willing to invest in the highest standard of copy with careful research and planning from a copywriter with a proven track record and reputation.

From sole traders and limited companies looking to seriously invest in new copy to maximise their future sales, right the way through to large organisations and multinationals - where
front-line copy is responsible for nationwide brand reputation and dictates millions of pounds worth of sales.

My skills also allow me to adapt the tonality of your copy on a whim - from highly professional and formal, to friendly and down to earth, like you're listening to words from a good friend sat right by your side.

What sort of copy do I provide?

As a sales copywriter, the majority of my work involves copy which is used in business websites and marketing, so if you want to persuade people to buy your product, buy your service or choose your business brand, then I'm here to help.

• Website copy
• Advert copy (from magazine adverts to billboards)
• Sales letters
• Flyers and leaflets
• Sales e-mails
• Food and drink menus
• Newsletters
• Blog articles
• Pay-per-click adverts
• Directory listing descriptions
• Film/program blurbs
• Presentation speeches
• Vehicle signage
• Television/radio advert dialogue
• And more

But enough about me!

If you need new sales copy, click here to contact me for a free, no obligation discussion.