Want your blog to be filled with interesting and valuable blog articles?

"The process has worked really well, ensures I have quality copy with vastly reduced effort and has had excellent feedback from my subscribers."

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Your regular blog articles will be hand researched and written to make them appealing, informative and interesting to your target audience.

They will attract visitors to your website and keep many of them coming back for more whilst encouraging them to share your articles around the web. This not only increases exposure to more potential customers, but also provides SEO benefits.

Every blog article I write is focused around these 4 main points:

1). Valuable content Making sure that each article leaves readers eager to read more of your blog
2). Promotes sharing
Articles interesting enough to encourage sharing around the web for more exposure
3). Careful research Perfectly tailoring each article and its topic to your precise target audience
4). Soft selling
Promote your products/services, but in a way which retains readers

"How does your blog writing service work?"

At the pre-agreed frequency (weekly or monthly, for example) I will research and write a blog article which aims to be highly informative, interesting and valuable to the reader. This is achieved by choosing just the right topics and then crafting together content which hooks readers from the very first sentence.

Each issue can contain one of many different types of articles - from 'top tip' style articles with quick-fire pieces of advice, to deeper, more opinion-based articles which leaves readers informed and enlightened whilst encouraging debate.

The soft sell approach - the KEY to getting sales out of your blog:

Once you have regular blog visitors, it's time to turn as many of them as possible into customers. Subtle selling and reference points are included in your blog articles at carefully selected points to make your blog visitors more aware of the products or services you sell. By getting the right balance, none of the informative or interesting content is sacrificed, but subtle promotion still occurs.

Creating 'link bait' is vital for blog articles which improve SEO:

Regular blog articles not only improves search engine response, but creating blog articles which are appealing and interesting enough can encourage the sharing of these articles by your readers. When these articles are shared (by linking to your blog on other websites, for example) it creates links back to your website which can considerably improve search engine rankings.

How do I do it?

"Considerable knowledge of sales psychology, social psychology and the art of copywriting itself allows me to know exactly how to write your articles."

"This means that I could write effective copy from the very first letter I ever penned, but at over half a million words later (and counting), you're getting proven skills combined with vast experience."

What is included in the fee alongside your copy?

• Research - I will spend time researching your industry, your audience and your competitors.

• Amendments - Amendments are included if there are any changes you would like me to make.

• Formatting instructions - I'll guide you on how to format the copy so it's simple to add the copy to your blog.

• Advice and support - While I'm working on your copy, I'll be happy to answer any questions. Just ask.

• Flexibility - We pre-arrange the sort of articles you would like your subscribers to see.

Simply leave it all to me

However often you like, whether it's every day, every week or every month, you'll receive a freshly written blog article with hand-picked information which is ready to be posted on your blog.


Bespoke quotes are provided based on the subject, length and frequency. This ensures that you only pay a fair and precise fee for the articles you're receiving.

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