Large business? Public sector? PLC?
Powerful corporate copywriting

As a large business or corporation with many thousands of visitors, even a 0.1% difference in the sales conversion rate can be responsible for hundreds of thousands of pounds in increased sales.

Similarly, the specific choice of words used in your website or marketing will influence the way thousands of people view your business brand and how they feel about your products or services.

Extensive corporate-level planning

Corporate copywriting should firstly be about in-depth audience research, competitor research, test-group surveys, behavioural analysis and careful planning to discover the perfect approach for the best results.

Combined with expert sales copywriting

I use a repertoire of proven copywriting techniques which have been taken from the latest understanding of sales psychology, years of published clinical tests and my own experience writing copy for hundreds of clients over many years.

Finished with real, measured results

This should be finished off with test-group surveys and statistical reports to uncover the real, measurable improvements to your long-term sales levels, brand appearance and brand recognition.

This high level of investment results in fully optimised corporate copy which can represent your brand for years to come, maximise the response rate of your national marketing campaigns and ultimately result in some of the highest possible sales conversion rates.

Ideal as an outsourced copywriting and sales conversion specialist

Even with an existing in-house marketing team or outsourced agency, I can act as a dedicated sales copywriting and conversion rate specialist. With years of consistent sales-increasing results, fresh ideas and the methodical approach described above, I leave no stone unturned when it comes to even the smallest improvements which can be combined to create a strong return on your investment.

In-depth corporate copywriting:

• Target audience research
• Competitor research
• Test-group surveys
• Behavioural analysis
• Selecting and planning the best content, tonality and selling points to use
• Factoring in different countries and cultures
• Copywriting based on proven techniques, sales psychology and years of experience
• Tweaking, refinement and polishing
• Guidance on implementing the copy
• Split tests and refinements based on testing
• Post-copy surveys and statistical result reports
• Marketing consultation on future strategies

Copywriting by a dedicated specialist

I’ve worked for hundreds of clients in dozens of industries writing many types of copy, including:

• Website copywriting
• Sales letters & e-mails
• Brand/campaign slogans
• Adverts
• Leaflets/flyers
• Posters
• Sales scripts
• TV scripts
• And more

This provides the experience and confidence to accept any brief, and it’s why I've been chosen to work with numerous multinational clients with multi-million pound turnovers.

I'll write perfectly suited copy on time and on budget which gives you the best results

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