Want to know EXACTLY how to make your marketing succeed without fail?

"The process has worked really well, ensures I have quality copy with vastly reduced effort and has had excellent feedback from my subscribers."

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What if I told you that I could give you unequivocal, proven, no-nonsense answers to any of your most puzzling marketing questions?

What if I could give you easy, step-by-step instructions to solve even the most baffling marketing issues, which will succeed without fail if they're applied correctly?

Want to increase sales, increase profits or achieve anything else? Simply follow my advice and watch the results happen!

My marketing consultation and critique services focus around these 4 points:

1). Understanding
Really understanding your target audience through research and existing experience
2). Proven techniques
I follow proven marketing steps with a fresh perspective to find the answers
3). Experience
I use my years of marketing experience in hundreds of industries
4). Skills
I use my knowledge of copywriting, marketing & sales psychology to give you the answers

How does my marketing consultation service work?

For an hourly rate, you gain access to all of the marketing and copywriting knowledge I've gained through years of working in hundreds of marketing campaigns for clients of all shapes and sizes - from sole traders to international companies.

My being a copywriter, I've not only learned how to write words which sell, but I've also collaborated in choosing the right research, target audiences, marketing methods and techniques to generate vast sales.

This means that you can ask me anything you like about your most pressing marketing questions. I will only ever provide advice which I'm absolutely certain will work with your business-type and target audience, so following the instructions correctly provides guaranteed success.

How does my critique service work?

Pass me any type of marketing material or idea for an in-depth, no-nonsense critique from a professional perspective. Whether it's a sales letter, advert design or complex campaign, I'll analyse it carefully and highlight any flaws whilst offering every suggestion I can think of to improve it and generate a better response rate.

How do I do it?

"Considerable knowledge of sales psychology, social psychology, marketing and the art of copywriting itself allows me to provide proven, expert advice."

"It's this knowledge and skillset combined with vast experience of working in marketing campaigns which gives you real world advice to apply from day one."

What is included in the fee?

• Research - I will spend time researching your industry, your audience and your competitors if required

• Phone call, e-mail or meeting - Choose any one of these methods, or a mixture of all three, to carry out the consultation or critique

• Answers and content - You can ask questions or enlist me to write marketing plans or even snippets of copy as and when they're needed

• Transcripts - For the cost of additional time, I can provide textual briefs of anything discussed through phonecalls or meetings

You KNOW it will work, with guesswork a thing of the past

I only provide proven expert advice and critiques based on years of real world marketing experience, so you essentially have the blueprint to achieve your marketing goals. This expert eye and fresh perspective means that you never have to move forward with uncertainty ever again.


Consulting and critiquing is provided as a combined service for a flat rate of £75 per hour.

This rate can be timed based on the time spent during e-mails, phone calls or meetings. An alternative is the 'pay as you go' method, where you purchase a set number of hours to be used when needed with no expiry. It means I'm always there, on-hand and ready, as your own marketing consultant.

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