Do you want Marketing copy which turns more people into clients and customers?

"From sales & marketing documents, re-writing our website to completing a winning tender invitation. Scott always produces 1st class work and is and asset to any business. We would highly recommend this company for any of your copywriting requirements'

Julie - Managing Director
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Whether it's a letter, advert or any other type of promotional material, your marketing copy will be packed with features, benefits and copywriting techniques to grab the attention of potential customers and make them realise just how good your products or services really are.

This gradually builds up interest and desire, more and more, until visitors are eager to buy from you.

The result? Your marketing draws in as many sales as possible.

Hover your mouse over the type of copy you need:

Sales letter?

Immediately grabs readers, keeps them hooked, sells your product/service, answers every questions and leaves readers eager to buy.


From billboards to magazine ads, I'll write high-impact words which jump off the surface, attract attention and get your sales message across within seconds.

Sales e-mail?

Carefully use of the subject line and headline to hook readers and get across rapid messages to draw in click-thrus and sales - essential for e-mail success.

Slogan/tag line?

The one sentence can represent your branding for years, so I'll make sure they're the right words which get across your businesses core values and brand image.

Pay-per-click ad?

You don't get many words in a PPC advert, and even the smallest adjustments in wording can influence the CTR percentage, so I make sure they count.

Flyer or leaflet?

A strong headline and copy which works in harmony with the design of the piece is key to drawing in sales. Read more about my flyer design/copy service here.

Directory listing?

Directories can be a great source of leads, so like any webpage, I'll create copy for it which helps you stand out from your competitors and sell with ease.

Vehicle signage?

Potential buyers only have seconds to read the details on a passing vehicle, so my wording stays as efficient as possible and makes it stick in their minds.

TV/radio ad script?

Well-written dialogue, or the right words on the screen, make people stop and watch to absorb your potent sales message.

Case or book blurb?

Non-fiction blurbs need benefit-rich copy, whilst fiction needs strong, emotional copy - leaving them eager to see more.

Food or drink menu?

The right descriptive words can fire up the imaginations of the readers and make their mouths water like they can almost taste the food or drink on offer.

Tenders & more?

Media based copy which hooks and engages both readers and journalists alike, plus much more.


How to write copy which is perfectly tailored to your business:

Ample research and my own experience helps me to select just the right style, tonality, features and benefits to get the best results - tailoring it to your chosen format and the industry you're in.

I'll then craft together your copy, paying attention to every detail and making sure that each word has a purpose. Your marketing copy will then be fine tuned and polished until it's ready to use.

All marketing copy I write focuses around these 4 main points:

1). Trust and comfort - Build better relationships with your audience, so they prefer to buy from you
2). Beat competition - Highlight key unique points so you stand out ahead of your competitors
3). Emotion-driven - Don't just explain why they should buy, but create an urge to buy from you
4). Sales-driven - Not just copy which looks professional and reads well, but also works to drive sales

How do I do it?

"Considerable knowledge of sales psychology, social psychology and the art of copywriting itself allows me to know exactly how to write your copy."

"This means that I could write effective copy from the very first letter I ever penned, but at over half a million words later (and counting), you're getting proven skills combined with vast experience."

What is included in the fee alongside your copy?

• Research - I will spend time researching your industry, your audience and your competitors.

• Amendments - Amendments are included if there are any changes you would like me to make.

• Formatting instructions - I'll guide you on how to format your website copy for optimum readability. In the case of items such as sales letters, I can format the text and supply them in a PDF which is ready to print.

• Advice and support - While I'm working on your copy, I'll be happy to answer any questions. Just ask.

Simply leave it all to me

I'll create compelling, professional and highly polished sales copy for your marketing which is designed to maximise your sales conversion rate, increase awareness and turn visitors into customers.

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