Do you want to give your subscribers interesting and valuable newsletters?

"The process has worked really well, ensures I have quality copy with vastly reduced effort and has had excellent feedback from my subscribers."

David Bier - Managing Director
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Your new regular newsletters will be packed with interesting, informative and valuable content which appeals to your specific target audience.

It will leave them impressed, enlightened and looking forward to the next issue.

Meanwhile, subtle 'soft selling' will promote your products or services, so your subscribers enjoy your newsletters whilst as many of them become customers as possible.

Every newsletter I write is focused around these 4 main points:

1). Valuable content Making sure that each newsletter leaves subscribers eager for the next issue
2). Build relationships Help your subscribers get to know you and your business in an interesting way
3). Careful research Perfectly tailoring each issue to your precise target audience with information and offers
4). Soft selling
Promote your products/services, but in a way which retains the most subscribers

"How does your newsletter service work?"

Basically, you can leave everything to me. Every issue, I'll research key subjects and then produce complete newsletter content which fits a pre-arranged idea of what you want your newsletters to contain.

For example, each issue could have a combination of the below features and more:

• A large article - Fully-fledged, opinion or information based articles which your target audience can enjoy and find useful

• Industry news - Hand picked news from your industry which will appeal to your target audience

• Tips and tricks - Handy tips, related to your product or service, which subscribers can use

• Jargon-busters - Handy information about technical terms related to your industry

• Small articles - A smaller piece to accompany a larger piece which briefly discusses a topic or piece of industry news

• Special offers - Offers which you would like your subscribers to know about, whether they're general offers or exclusive offers for newsletter subscribers only.

The soft sell approach - the KEY to getting sales out of your newsletters:

A critical error many people make is to over-sell. After all, people subscribe because they want to be informed and enlightened. They simply don't want to be subscribed to issue upon issue of marketing spiel.

That's why I use the 'soft sell' approach, which is the perfect balance between informative content and promotional content. Your subscribers will love the amount of great information in each issue, whilst subtle promotional offers and references keep them exposed to what you have to sell.

How do I do it?

"Considerable knowledge of sales psychology, social psychology and the art of copywriting itself allows me to know exactly how to write your newsletters."

"This means that I could write effective copy from the very first letter I ever penned, but at over half a million words later (and counting), you're getting proven skills combined with vast experience."

What is included in the fee alongside your copy?

• Research - I will spend time researching your industry, your audience and your competitors.

• Amendments - Amendments are included if there are any changes you would like me to make.

• Formatting instructions - I'll guide you on how to format the copy so it's simple to add the copy to your newsletter client.

• Advice and support - While I'm working on your copy, I'll be happy to answer any questions. Just ask.

• Flexibility - We pre-arrange the sort of newsletter you would like your subscribers to see.

Simply leave it all to me

However often you like, whether it's every day, every week or every month, you'll receive a freshly written newsletter with hand-picked information which is ready to be sent out to your subscribers.


Rates are flexible based on what you want your newsletter to contain, but common packages include:

• 2-monthly package - Complete newsletter content every two months - £70 per month

• Monthly package - Complete newsletter content every month - £175 per month

• Fortnightly package - Complete newsletter content every two weeks - £360 per month

• Weekly package - Complete newsletter content every week - £795 per month

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