Do you want website copy which turns more visitors into clients and customers?

"The fruits of Scott’s work are still used to this day on my website, and if I ever decide to update the site, I will have no hesitation in asking Scott to be involved from day one."

Geoff Townsend
Managing Director - Urecall

Your new website copy will be fluent, concise and tailored precisely to how people read and interact with websites, so it grabs the attention of your visitors and starts selling your products or services within seconds.

Your new website copy will also be packed with features, benefits and copywriting techniques which help your visitors to realise just how good your products or services really are.

This gradually builds up interest and desire, more and more, until visitors are eager to buy from you.

The result? You get as many sales out of your website traffic as possible.

All website copy I write focuses around these 4 main points:

1). Trust and comfort Build better relationships with your visitors, so they prefer to buy from you
2). Beat competition Highlight key unique points to make sure you stand out ahead of your competitors
3). Emotion-driven Don't just explain why they should buy, but create an urge to buy from you & you alone
4). Results-driven
Not just copy which looks professional and reads well, but also works to drive sales

How to write copy which is perfectly tailored to your business:

Ample research and my own experience helps me to select just the right style, tonality, approach, features, and benefits to get the best results out of your copy, no matter what industry you're in.

I'll then craft together your copy, paying attention to every detail and ensuring that each word has a strong purpose. Your website copy will then be fine tuned and polished until it's ready to be used.

How do I do it?

"Considerable knowledge of sales psychology, social psychology and the art of copywriting itself allows me to know exactly how to write your website copy."

"This means that I could write effective copy from the very first letter I ever penned, but at over half a million words later (and counting), you're getting proven skills combined with vast experience."

What is included in the fee alongside your copy?

• Research - I will spend time researching your industry, your audience and your competitors.

• Amendments - Amendments are included if there are any changes you would like me to make.

• Formatting instructions - I'll guide you on how to format your website copy for optimum readability.

• Advice and support - While I'm working on your copy, I'll be happy to answer any questions. Just ask.

• Search engine optimisation - I will include your keywords at the right density to optimise your web copy for search engines.

Simply leave it all to me

I'll create compelling, professional and highly polished website sales copy which is designed to impress your visitors and turn them into customers for years to come.

Specialities include:

• Service based websites
• Online store websites (e-commerce)
• Direct response webpages
• Landing pages
• Brand/organisation websites (including blue chip, green chip, multinational companies and charities)

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