Why copywriting?
Let me explain using these examples:

This isn't just a cake:

This bed of moist, fluffy vanilla spongecake is enrobed in lashings of thick, velvet-smooth strawberry icing which melts on your tongue and floods your mouth with a burst of fresh strawberries and cream. It's topped with sprinkles to combine the creamy richness with a hit of zesty fruit in every bite.

This isn't just a speaker:

This speaker delivers razor sharp, high definition audio which brings the sound of live performances into your own home. Just turn it up to flood your ears with the rumble of meaty basslines and the punch of a crystal clear mid range thanks to a combination of two fine-tuned speakers. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the raw power and stunning detail of your favourite music. It's luxury for your ears.

This isn't just an accountant:

This is your accounting expert who knows business finance and taxation inside-out. He'll go through your business with meticulous attention to detail and leave no stone un-turned when it comes to finding ways to minimise your tax expenditure. Simply leave everything to him with the peace of mind that your accounts will be flawless and nothing will be overlooked when it comes to saving you money.

This is what good copywriting is all about

It's about making your product, service or business sound as appealing as it possibly can to your target audience by making them realise that YOU will deliver the results they're looking for.

Engaging copy which creates an urge and leaves people eager to have it

Good copy isn't just about selling the features. It's about selling the benefits, the results and the experience. It's the only way to create real interest, desire and excitement in what you're selling.

It's about a return on your investment and getting results for your money

Copy isn't about vanity. It's about persuading more people to choose you. It's about maximising sales/enquiries, optimising brand reputation and letting the world know how good you are at what you do.

This is how good copywriting pays you back in droves.

What sort of techniques are used in copywriting?

There's a good reason why copywriting takes years to master. There's a lot to know to write copy which really sells! However, as a brief overview, here are some of the most common areas:

• Attention-grabbing headline techniques
• Audience pre-qualifying
• Using the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) principle
• Understanding how the copy is used with other marketing to build up a multi-stage message

• Writing the copy to work specifically with the design and format it is presented in
• Applying the principles of sales psychology and the human mind thought processes
• Understanding how audiences from different countries and cultures respond differently
• Benefit and result based emotive selling to create desire and a genuine need

• Logic-based feature selling to increase credibility and trust
• Using hooks and copy structure to keep the reader interested
• Identifying the best selling points to focus on and how to present them
• Using punctuation and sentence structure to slow down the reader at key points

• Understanding how specific word choices and descriptions are more effective than others
• When it comes to online copy, ensuring that the text is optimised for SEO
• Using effective call-to-actions to persuade interested readers to make that final step and buy
• Plus much more

This is why copywriting should be a primary focus for any business, and why sales copy is worth days of planning, writing and fine-tuning by a seasoned copywriting professional to help convince more people that your product or service is the right one to buy for years and years to come.

Sorry if my copy left you wanting some cake, but I can help with copywriting

• B2B and B2C services, products, businesses, brands, ideas and offers
• Websites, adverts, letters, e-mails, flyers, posters, menus, brochures, radio, packaging and more

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